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Ebony and Ivory

About Us

Pristine Note is based out of Navi Mumbai, MH, India.

We take pride in our work and the products that we showcase. All our products are well researched, tried and tested before they are inducted by our sales team. The proprietor of Pristine Note is Mrs Gouri Banerjee. She is helped by the sales team, research and marketing team. We also have a mini workshop for DIY kits.

We only deal with 2 Channel audio. That is all we do round the year. Unlike other online store we keep products which you could try and test before you buy.

The Genesis of the words are as follows:-

Pristine: Immaculately clean and unused (english)
Note: Musical Note (english)

The seeds of Pristine Note were sown in Singapore, when some like minded people suggested that I take up a dedicated online Hi-Fi Store, especially dedicated to the music enthusiast and audiophile community. I liked the idea for two simple reason. One, Music was my passion and I would have followed the trends and tricks. Second, I get to audition most of my products at no extra cost :). The later was perhaps was even more a motivating factor.

However, i hibernated upon the idea for some time before I decided to jump into it.
After some initial teething problems we all set out to give it a present shape. Our family has been musically gifted and have been very supportive of the idea.

You can catch up our latest events and the feedback system on              

We also have a demo room in 60, Parsik Hill, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. You are most welcome to visit in person audition, try and get a feel of your product before you own them.

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