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The Best Mt.Kailash Hiking Route
07-09-2020, 09:19 AM,
The Best Mt.Kailash Hiking Route
Time: 4 days
Best turning season: April to October
Difficulty: four stars
In the geographical sense, Mount Qomolangma is the highest peak in the world, but in the spiritual sense, the god mountain Kailash and the Mabian Yongcuo are the first peaks in Asia. This is the center of the fusion of various ancient religious beliefs in Asia. Gang Rinpoche's God Mountain has always embraced all living beings with its broad mind and protected its believers.
Being in the endless stream of believers in Zhuanshan Mountain, walking on the footsteps of countless mountain-turners for thousands of years, you will feel that you have integrated into a rotating world with a unique aura of heaven and earth Xuanhuang. And believers who pass by you or oncoming, whether it is a monk in a red robe, a weathered old man, a jumping child, or a courageous herdsman, a shy girl, their expressions are peaceful and calm, that is faith The fearlessness of reality and the afterlife brought by the power of.

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