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CFO Email List
01-09-2019, 04:12 PM,
CFO Email List
Type in 'the importance of an email list' and find the many reasons, from scores of other sources, as to why an email list is vital for growing an audience. Attaining a hefty customer database is the foundation for a successful business model - but how and where you get these email addresses from is the aspect which should be focused on.
There are some marketers who blast emails to large databases which they scrape from all over the web. While others also use multiple sources to build their database, but they make use of opt-in website messages, social channels and a variety of offline mediums.   CFO Email List   The latter may take longer but it will result in a healthier database of email addresses which are bound to grow exponentially over time, as opposed to a list of customers hitting the 'spam' button or searching for ways to opt-out.
Don't make 'big email list' your top priority    
Most CEO's and CFO's are impressed by scale, so it can be fairly difficult to argue that a smaller, more engaged customer list is better than a larger one made up of inactive - or often, frustrated - recipients. Try to stress the point that, a large email list doesn't necessarily ensure ROI.
In the same breath, a large email list shouldn't be associated with low-quality. A list with thousands of addresses, inevitably, has a more extensive reach and the scope for supporting meaningful list segmentation. What marketers have to ensure, however, is that this list is comprised of active subscribers that have chosen to receive information that you want to send them.
So, what's the bottom line? A large email list is preferable. But a large email list that is healthy is even better.
Factors that affect customer email list size  CFO Email List   
As with all marketing models, email has many of variables that should be taken into consideration. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you lay down unrealistic expectations:
Market size:
Is your business in a new, growing market, an outdated one, or niche market?
Creating ROI:
Do you currently have enough budget to actively grow your list, in the proper way? Is the cost to company low enough to achieve return on investment, within a reasonable amount of time?
Customers/brand relationship:
Are you gathering emails from recipients who have an existing relationship with your brand, or prospects who are interested in what you have to offer?
Customer profiles:  CFO Email List   
Are you compiling a list of people who fit your existing target market, based on demographics and psychographics? Or are they irrelevant to your business?
Purchase lifecycle:

[Image: CFO-email-list.png]

Are you monitoring - and nurturing - prospects as they move down the purchase funnel, from top to bottom? Or are you just focusing on the initial sign up?
Message quality and segmentation:
Similar to profiling, are you separating your email list into customers who prefer cruises and customers who are just in search of household items? If you have a larger list, your audience is likely to be more diverse. Are your messages reflecting the interests of many?
Message frequency: CFO Email List   
If the previous point isn't being adhered to, chances are that your customer list will be largely inactive. Therefore, emails which are sent too frequently will nudge a customer towards opting-out, or marking you as spam. Are you sending out emails too frequently?
IT support:
Online requires a knowledgeable IT person to handle problems which may arise - and problems will arise, especially where databases are large. Do you have this kind of support?

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