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Partners Email Lists
11-03-2018, 01:57 PM,
Partners Email Lists
One of the most effective ways of building a list is by partnering with other marketers who have lists of their own. Partners Email Lists  By working together, you can help each other grow your lists as well as help in other ways. But what's the most effective way to find those potential JV partners?[Image: Partners-Email-Lists.png]
Forums make excellent resources because they allow you to interact with people before approaching them as potential partners. And if you're active in the forum, they will "know" you from there and be more likely to agree to some type of JV arrangement.
ClickBank, Paydotcom and other such networks are also good resources. You can search for products that are related to your niche, and look for marketers who are building an email list on their website. The fact that they're building a list makes them a good potential partner for you.
While you won't get as targeted a list of potential partners by searching Google, you can still find plenty of other sites in your market that might be worth pursuing. Make sure you watch the paid ads as well as the natural listings to find other marketers who are selling products into your niche.
Lastly, consider the lists that you're subscribed to in your market. All those marketers are potential JV partners as well. As already mentioned, don't try to partner up with the biggest marketer right off the bat, but look for newer marketers who are anxious to keep building their own list.

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