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Full Version: Astell&Kern AK240 F/W Update
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Kindly update the AK240 to latest Firmware with guidelines as given below.

Just announced AK240 new f/w. You can update it through OTA.

Please see below for detailed information. There are many new features and improvement this time.

- Support DXD 384kHz (down sampling to WAV 24/32Bit)

- Support DSD Optical output (converting to PCM 176kHz)

- Support DSD gapless

- Add Database reset function

- Add Balanced Out On/Off quick button on the volume screen

- USB-DAC : Display input signal’s sample rate information.

- MQS Streaming : support ALAC, AIFF, DSD(PCM) format and add search function

- Support B/T Remote control (IAA01)

- Add other various functions & improvements

- Album Art thumbnail list added.



1. Support DXD file: Down sampling 352.8kHz -> 176.4kHz, 384kHz -> 192kHz
EQ function is not activated for DXD playback.

[supported DXD file format]

- WAV: 24/32Bit, 352.8/384kHz

- FLAC: 24Bit, 352.8kHz

2. USB DAC sampling rate display

: This information is based on the sampling rate which PC delivers to AK240.

The Sample rate information shown on the AK240 can be different from actual sampling rate of the music file according to OS setting or music player S/W setting.

3. Album art : In Album category, now album art as thumbnail is displayed. You change it to grid type by pressing a key above. (grid or list)

Full album art display is supported by touching the screen. (basic screen -> lyrics -> full album art -> basic by touching)