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Full Version: Hello I am from Mahabaleshwar!
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Hello music enthusiasts!
I am from the panoramic town of Mahabaleshwar.I currently have audio engine A5+ multimedia speaker.Some of my favorite performers are Vidya Vox, One direction,Justin Bieber etc. Smile
Hello Komal ji,

Welcome to Pristine Note Forum.

Audioengine A5+ is a superb product in its category. A5+ deliver audiophile-quality sound and features at a price that continues to set the standard for affordable high-quality audio.

Justin Bieber is an very Interesting choice.

May i ask what kind of Headphones/Earphones do you use?
Hi Komal Jee, welcome to this forum. I will try my best to not make fun of you for liking Justin Bieber))) A5+? Wow, that's a serious piece of equipment you got there. What kind of source do u normally use?

By the way, Mahabaleshwar is indeed a fabulous place....often provides a much needed respite for us Mumbaikars Smile