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Full Version: Hello Audiophiles!!! Need good music recommendations! :)
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Hi everybody,

Looks like all of you have discerning tastes in music. I personally don't have a favorite genre, although I am somehow drawn towards the works of Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson and among the current crop - Bruno Mars. I would LOVE to try out some new tunes - looking forward to your recommendations!!!
Hi prof.,

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Checkout Christina Aguilera's Version of 'Its a Mans world' by james brown. I think you will also like 'coldplay paradise' and Crazy in Love by beyonce 50shade version.
Hi Sagar,

I just listened to 'It's a man's world' by Aguilera and also the original version. It totally rocks man! It is my new favorite song. Thanks so much! Will listen to Coldplay and Crazy in Love later today. Am at work now LOL :-)
Hi Sagar, I really liked Para...para...paradise by Coldplay.......Smile I reckon crazy in love is also good for some special times. Thanks dude! What kind of audio gear would you recommend for a budding stereophile like me? I have own Signature Acoustics Elements O-16 earphone....the delivery is very life-like. The first time I tried them, I felt myself looking towards the sound of the music. I want to purchase a music system. Not very loud but with good clarity. My budget is around 10k to 12k.
Hii propf,

I think uh will really like our Demi Lovato's version of I will survive.The highs at the end are incredible!!!!! Also try Kongos come with me now...
Thanks Komal jee,

Demi Lovato's I will survive totally blew my mind. Never thought that she has such strong vocals.

KONGOS, come with me now ....thanksss so much for this song.....I heard this tune in THE GRAND TOUR series promo and have been looking for it since then....