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Full Version: Best IEM under 10k
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Hello Everyone.
I'm needing to buy a high quality in ears for travelling and workouts as i cannot use M50x's. My budget is around 8k. As per lot of reviews i have seen and read i am able to narrow down the 5 i think would be the best. I will be using them with Fiio X1. I am not a bass fan, don't listen to lot of Rap and Hip hops, little bend towards neutral sound. And less sparkle in the highs would be a plus.. The ones i think would be the best is
1. Shure SE215
2. Sony MDR-EX650AP-Bass heavy i believe.
3. Klipsch Image s4
4. Sennheiser Momentum (M2 IEi)
5. Etymotic hf5.

P.S:- I have heard rave reviews about Sound magic e10s which are a steal at under 3k.
Do let me know your suggestions.
You can never go wrong with M50. You will never regret it. AT also has sub 10K AD series, they are now hard to find. However they will last you a long time and according to me incredible value for money.